Family are at the heart of everything I do, and Victoria Ivy is no different. I love that both my daughter’s and my name sit snuggly side by side and that my studio is at home, so I can show my children what it is to love what you do. My parents and grandparents have always inspired me, and I too want to inspire my little ones.

When you walk through the door of my home in the Yorkshire village of Sherburn in Elmett, you’re met by my husband Chris, daughter Ivy and son Charlie and the smell of fresh flowers coming from every room in the house! Home making is something I get from my Nanna Angie.

I got married five years ago to a born and bred family man from Yorkshire. Known for having a love of good food and laughter, Chris and I were a match! With 2 house moves, new jobs, promotions, a wedding, 2 children and a new business, what can I say? Chris is my anchor.

It was one winter Sunday when we were looking back through the wedding album that I realised just how much the flowers had made the wedding what it was. They were the highlight for me, the next day I created Victoria Ivy.

Over the last year or so, my flower journey has taken me through all manner of education from workshops and classes to one-to-one training with some of the industry greats, namely Bridget at Moss and Stone. It has been such an honour to not only meet but work with these amazing individuals.

The product of which has been identifying my unique and distinctive, natural style. Every day I strive for perfection for my couples. I love the world of the flower and feel blessed to be in the position where I can help tell a couple’s love story through my artistry.